Uptown Land Use Study

By June 6, 2017News

Updated June 12, 2017
As part of the overall City of Portsmouth’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan update, the City conducted a more in-depth Land Use Study for the Uptown area of Portsmouth, also known as the D-2 zoning district. In 2009, Portsmouth approved a form based code for this area, the D-2 Form Based Code. This code was intended to transform the district from its current state to an urban mixed-use area. The regulations were lofty and ambitious, but the market trends and demands have not aligned with the Code’s vision and intent. The City has identified that the existing D-2 Form Based Code is not the right tool to encourage growth and development in this district and the D-2/Uptown Land Use Study is the first step in the process to update the zoning regulations that will apply to this area.

The Final Draft of Land Use Study is presented here. This draft includes the comments received during the last round of public input in June 2017. Included is the Study itself and its two appendices: An Existing Conditions and Context Assessment and an Economic Tool-Kit that addresses revenue strategies.

D-2 Land Use Plan Draft 6.29.17

D-2 Revenue Strategies Existing Conditions Assessment

The study will be presented to City Council on July 24, 2017 at their regular meeting work session.

Monday, July 24th
6:00 PM
City Hall


Please contact Brian Swets at 757-393-8836 x4237 or swetsb@portsmouthva.gov with any questions or comments about this meeting or the larger project.